Singapore’s Best Place for Artisanal Neapolitan Pizzas

We make one helluva Neapolitan pizza and are damn proud to say so. Our pies are a love triangle of the freshest ingredients: Caputo Nuvola flour, juicy tomatoes and oozy cheese. Having put a spin on the classics, every bite’s packed with a surefire punch.

At Extra Virgin Pizza, we believe that a perfect crust is foolproof for any occasion and can only be topped by kick-ass company. Round up your pals and loosen your waistband — it’s gonna get a lil’ messy. This is how we roll.

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"I find myself finishing every slice, crust and all."

– The Straits Times

“It's more than just dough and cheese at these gourmet pizza joints: expect lovingly hand-crafted pizzas with an imaginative array of toppings and perfectly blistered crust.”

– SG Magazine

“With flour imported from Italy and tomatoes from California, this lethal combination makes for a perfectly balanced, thin, soft and slightly crispy beauty.”

– Urban Journey

“The restaurant was the first to import Italian Caputo 00 flour, backed with their skills and expertise to achieve pizza perfection."

– Best in Singapore